Does a swimming pool need to be maintained in the winter?

Do you ever wonder why you need to take care of your pool in the winter months? Here in Tucson Arizona that’s a question we hear quite often in December when we do get some cold weather. I know some of you will disagree with our idea of cold, but none the less the temperature of the pool water drops to the point where we can’t swim but we still have this chore of checking and cleaning our pools.

Since we don’t winterize or drain our pools here in Tucson , its still important to clean our pool but its vital that the chemicals be kept in balance. During different times of the year the chemical needs of your pool change. During cooler months the pH of the water tends to increase which will cause several problems including staining. If you do nothing else to your pool, keep the water balanced and you will have a much more enjoyable spring when its time to swim again. If you don’t continue your pool service year round or you take care of your own pool, be sure to check the water with a quality test kit once a week. Also if you’re a do-it –yourselfer, you should have it tested professionally once a month to check all the chemical parameters. Most staining happens in the winter time.

A lot of pool owners have had that moment in the spring when they look into their backyard for the first time since last August and wondered where their pool went to and how did that pond get into their yard. Even though chemically balancing your pool might be top priority, cleaning it and removing all the stain causing debris is also an important step.

Therefore don’t neglect vacuuming, skimming, brushing, emptying baskets and keeping an eye on your equipment to avoid problems so you can have an enjoyable year round pool experience.


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