VGB compliant covers have an expiration date!

In short the Virginia Graeme Baker (VGB) Act which took effect December 19, 2008 required all public pools and spas have a drain cover that complied with a performance standard that prevented entrapment. Though there has been a lot of confusion over the law and what’s required or acceptable, the law clearly stated that each cover be stamped with a life expectancy.


The life expectancy of each cover, in part, is based on durability tests. A durability test looks at things like Ultra Violet light exposure along with vertical, horizontal and impact testing. Different manufactures stamp a life expectancy on each of their covers and while some were as short as 3 years and some as long as 10, the majority fell between 5 and 7 years. This means that starting December 19, this year, the majority of covers are going to expire.


Even though determining if your drain cover is expired may be as simple as inspecting the "Life expectancy date", several other factors are involved with determining if your drain cover is actually safe. Due to the complexities of the law and the number of factors that need to be taken into account, we highly recommend that a licensed pool professional, with experience in handling public pools, be called to do an inspection.


In Arizona there was no certifications or inspections required after the installation of a compliant cover so we are on the “honor system” making it that much more important to have it inspected by a licensed professional with experience in handling public pools.


While replacing your drain cover is the legal thing to do, more importantly it’s the safe thing to do. Be sure your pool stays a safe and enjoyable experience.


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